Fall/Winter 2017 I De las Luces Collection

In continuation of her captivation of light and the many ways it transforms, Liza Echeverry became inspired by the vessels rather than the light itself in her AW17 collection. The angles, shapes and dimensions seen in the jewelry of her last collection inspired pieces that were as individually unique as the shadows they cast. For this newest incarnation, she happened to take notice of the lightbulbs in her lamps at home, specifically the elongated tubular ones. Intrigued, Echeverry began studying the inner parts of the lamps, looking past what everyone else saw to find beauty and inspiration.

From this starting point, Echeverry began to delve deeper into the architecture of lamps, specifically looking to Max Ingrand, Angelo Lelli and modern designer Massimo Tonetto. In all of their work, they blend stark mechanical design with fluid, curved details. There is a reason artists look to other artists for inspiration- at the core of creativity is curiosity and perspective. Echeverry found symmetry and elegance in modern lighting design and knew it would illuminate a woman’s body just as it illuminates a room. Cylinder drop earrings with flat round discs like the 60 earring and 1950 earring pair with the Floor necklace. The tubular references can be seen in the 4 prong Suspension bracelet, the Adler rings, and Troja choker. Echeverry introduced color with citrines in red, black, deep blue, and soft blue obsidians. Used to complement certain pieces, the stones are cut in round spheres set inside erect rings, and as accents in earrings that give subtle radiance and transparency.

The collection of bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings and ear cuffs will be available in 24k gold plated brass and silver plated brass. These are shapes meant to be worn in different combinations: triangles, circles, rectangles and cylindrical lines make for a dynamic style composition.

Based in Medellin, Colombia, Liza Echeverry lives with her husband (and business partner), as well as her young son. The collection is manufactured in the city; all handmade in bronze, plated in 24k Colombian gold or silver, and nickel-free. Sold throughout 10 countries and expanding, Liza Echeverry has encapsulated the spirit of a woman who takes delight in what she wears. Hers are pieces that will exist in the jewelry boxes of grandmothers, mothers, and daughters; lending a new tradition to women making their mark in style.